Although we’ve had a lot of wind and rain to deal with the last two weeks, it hasnt slowed the fishing down. We are seeing big catches of speckled trout in and around Winyah Bay, as well as Redfish and flounder. Tarpon are still here as they follow big pods of mullet headed south down the beach. Trout are chewing most artificial lures including paddle tail grubs and Vudu shrimps under popping corks. Big redfish(20lbs+) can be caught anywhere from 10ft to 30ft of water right now using bucktails and fresh cut mullet, menhaden, and blue crabs. Extra care should be taken when handling and releasing these breeder size trophy fish since they are key to having healthy stocks in the future.  We’ve Also had some excellent days catching reds on topwater as they are pushing shrimp in shallow water. Look for the gulls hovering in shallow water areas around low tide and you’ll find the redfish. We are still catching tarpon when the conditions allow and most of these fish are the biggest of the season since they’ve been camped out here packing on weight for the last three months. I expect the tarpon to stick around for another week or two when ocean water temps drop below 70. The inshore fishing in South Carolina will continue to be solid thru the fall and early winter so feel free to contact me if you would like to book a fishing charter in the coming months. – Capt. Jordan

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