Target Species


The most abundant inshore species, redfish provide anglers with excellent year around fishing opportunities in South Carolina estuaries. During the cooler months, redfish form massive schools in shallow water that offer protection from hungry Bottlenose Dolphin which offer excellent sight fishing opportunities. 


Tarpon migrate annually to South Carolina waters. Their much anticipated arrival typically starts in late May and many of these tarpon will stay until the water begins to drop below 70 degrees, which often doesn’t occur until the middle part of October. The best months for tarpon fishing in South Carolina are August and September during the annual Mullet run. 

“Speckled” Sea Trout

Temperature and salinity influence distribution and abundance so trout are a little less predictable than other inshore species. In South Carolina, seatrout typically inhabit estuaries year-round, but tend to congregate in the cooler months making them easy targets for anglers with local knowledge. 


Flounder are considered excellent table fare and are very abundant in South Carolina Waters. These fish are most frequently caught in the estuaries, rivers, and shallow coastal water with muddy bottom tidal creeks using bottom rigs with live bait or various soft plastic artificial bait that mimic a baitfish or shrimp. 


Sheepshead habitat typically includes nearshore coastal waters, bays, sounds, as well as brackish reaches of rivers that are associated with reefs, live bottom, wrecks, piers, pilings, rocks, and jetties. Sheepshead are omnivorous grazers that use their unique teeth to grind and crush invertebrates associated with hard structures which makes them notoriously difficult to catch.h

Black Drum

Black drum are bottom feeders and use their sensitive chin barbels to aid in locating food. Heavy pharyngeal teeth are used to crush invertebrates, specifically mussels, oysters, crabs, shrimp and occasionally small fishes.


Shark fishing in South Carolina is fun and exciting for fisherman of all ages. Sharks are abundant in the coastal estuaries and inlets and can be caught regularly during the Summer months. Common species of sharks the we catch are spinner sharks, black tip sharks, bull sharks, and sandbar sharks. Shark fishing charters are great for the whole family and kids in particular.