The 2014 Lowcountry Tarpon Tournament was held this past weekend in Georgetown SC with beautiful weather on tap and excellent fishing. We had a record number of participants(25 Boats) and a record number of tarpon caught with a total of 15 releases. Other than the excellent fishing, the highlight of the tournament was a 115lb tarpon that Capt. Newman Weaver( caught on fly. Thanks to all anglers, attendees, and sponsors. For more information on the Lowcountry Tarpon Tournament visit

Final Standings
1st place (3 releases) – Hutto, Baxter, Schwartz, & Groves
2nd place (3 releases) – Mayer, Douglas, Wallace, & Slayton
3rd place (3 releases) – Miller, Castellvi, Rodgers, & Nelson
4th place (2 releases) – Weaver, Lacy, & Groat – special distinction for fish caught on fly tackle and artificials. Winners of the fly and artificial division.
5th place (1 release) – Pate, Lewis, & Grant
6th place (1 release) – Waits & Lanzon
7th place (1 release) – Holmes, Robinson, Morris, & Mahon
8th place (1 release) – McCarley, McCutchen, Rinehart, Lumpkin & Bourne


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