Water temperatures continue to climb into the upper 60s as we get further into April and the creeks are beginning to become more active with signs of life. Redfish continue to be the primary target, but flounder and trout are starting to fill up the shallow estuaries of Winyah Bay and North Inlet. We’ve been fortunate to have some excellent days on the water and despite some adverse weather conditions, the fishing has been very good for the last several weeks.

Look for the flounder fishing to really get going in the next couple of weeks. Bull reds will also begin to show up in certain areas while smaller reds(2-10lbs) will begin breaking out of their winter schools and stacking up in the open bays and creeks. Trout are also becoming more active, particularly in the early morning throwing topwater lures and suspending baits. I am already seeing some menhaden showing up along the beaches which tells me the cobia migration is not far away.

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