February has always been one of those months where redfish start showing signs of fatigue from fishing pressure and the cold water temps, but this year has been an exception. Fishing this Winter has been one of the best that I can remember since 2007-8 and good fishing continues as I type.

Large schools of redfish continue to roam the shallows and we are catching them on flyfishing equipment as well as light spinning tackle using various artificial baits.

As the water temperatures continue to warm as we get further into March, flounder will begin to fill the creeks of Pawleys Island, North Inlet, and Winyah Bay.  Speckled trout will also begin feeding more aggressive as we target them on topwater plugs and other suspending lures. Speepshead are a favorite target for me this time of year as they school up on the nearshore wrecks.

If you are visiting the Pawleys Island area this Spring and would like to get on the water, feel free to contact me so we can get you on the water during the ideal tides.

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