We’ve been very busy running inshore fishing charters in areas around Georgetown and Pawleys Island, primarily targeting trout, redfish, and flounder. Overall the bite has been steady when the tides and weather cooperate. Over the past week, redfish have been very cooperative in shallow water as small grass shrimp begin to fill up the creeks and shallow bays. The flounder bite has been exceptional however a lot of these fish have been on the smaller side. We are also catching trout on topwater and artificial shrimps under a popping cork. Most of the trout we are catching have been averaging between 3-5lbs which is well above the average for this area.

Sharks have been a nuisance to say the least, especially in areas where we typically dont see them. Several other captains in the area have had redfish mauled only feet away from the boat so recreational anglers should take precaution when landing or releasing fish.

Here is a picture of a 5ft bull shark that was harassing a school of redfish in less than a foot of water.


Winyah-Trout2Winyah-Flounderhallowed-flounder-georgetown1hallowed-redfish-georgetown-1 hallowed-redfish-georgetown-2hallowed-redfish-georgetown-3