Fall is typically when I shift my focus to shallow water fishing for schooling redfish and this year has not disappointed. Late Fall and Winter is the best time of year for fly fishing anglers to sight-cast to schooling redfish as they forage on shrimp and smalls crabs in the shallow marshes south of Myrtle Beach. Our typical set up is an 8wt or 9wt outfit(I provide a variety of Orvis Helios 2 for my clients) with floating line, and 9ft of tapered leader(3ft sections of 40lb, 30lb, 20lb floro). While a variety of fly patterns will work, I have found three shrimp patterns that seem to be the most productive for this time of year depending on water depth and temperature. I typically tie each pattern with a variety of weighted dumbells and plastic eyes. As water temperatures fall and shrimp become less abundant, I will shift to more bait-fish and crab patterns flies.

Late Fall and Winter are often overlooked as the most productive time of the year for fly fishing in South Carolina so if you are willing to brave the cold, chances are good that you could see some world class fly fishing.


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