The 2023 South Carolina Shark Fishing Season

Last Updated on December 29, 2022 by Eric Bonneman

Are you an avid angler who loves nothing more than a day out on the boat in pursuit of your next shark catch? Well, South Carolina fishermen can rest assured that 2023 will be even better for shark fishing! From Myrtle Beach to Charleston, there are plenty of opportunities for skilled shark anglers to get in on some action and find success during the upcoming Shark Fishing Season.

What To Expect When Shark Fishing

South Carolina’s coastal waters are the perfect place to catch sharks during the summer months beginning in May and continuing until late October. These waters provide us with an abundance of sharks like black tip, sandbar, bonnethead, lemon, bull, and spinner, the last two being rarer finds but legendary catches all the same!

Fishing guides like to stay in calmer waters inside the jetties and inlets for shark-catching trips since there is a high concentration of these diverse species. And if conditions permit, going out further into the ocean where we can locate shark-feeding frenzies around big schools of menhaden can be an exciting opportunity available to experienced anglers.

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Best Time For Shark Fishing

Spring is among the best times to target blacktip and spinner sharks in Myrtle Beach. These shark species pass through this region during their annual migration, creating an exciting opportunity for anglers. Fishing from shore or boats with trolling or casting techniques can effectively target these species this time of year. Using these tried-and-true strategies, you may also have luck catching other shark species, such as sandbar and bonnethead sharks, during the summer months.

Don’t forget to keep fishing after summer; fall provides an excellent chance to target blacktip and spinner sharks and others like sandbar sharks in the waters of Myrtle Beach. No matter what technique you use, some wise preparation and a bit of luck will make your fishing trips many tales worth telling!

a picture of The 2023 South Carolina Shark Fishing Season with Carolina Guide Service

When it comes to shark fishing, there are several variables to consider. The presence and type of sharks may vary depending on the region and water conditions. A critical aspect of a successful shark-fishing trip is ensuring you have reliable information about the current conditions and species that can be found at the chosen spot; that’s where local guides come in to play. With their knowledge of regional trends, bait availability, and seasonal weather patterns, these professionals will ensure your next excursion is a success!

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