October Redfish Update

Last Updated on October 27, 2022 by Eric Bonneman

The offshore fishing scene in Georgetown, South Carolina, is heating up as we head into fall. Seatrout, flounder, and black drum are all caught in good numbers. But if you’re looking to target redfish, October is the time to do it.

October Reds

The fall run of red drum is a fantastic time for any fisherman. These massive fish, also known as channel bass, redfish, or bull reds, come flooding through inlets and into coastal waters to spawn from late August through September. And after they’ve finished spawning, they stick around just long enough to feast on the endless supply of fresh groceries cascading daily through the area waters.

If there were a perfect time and location to fill up for the winter, now would be it. The main channels fill up with brown and pink shrimp, blue crabs, croakers, spots, menhaden, and acres of jumbo mullet. Red drum fishing right now in October will be jam-packed with all the action you won’t want to miss.

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Best Place for Non-Stop Redfish Action

The Georgetown area is famous among fishermen for its strong tides and heavy currents. This makes the channel particularly attractive to big reds, which feed almost exclusively along the bottom. While a huge push of giant reds floods into the channel at Georgetown, they will also patrol other nearby places where anglers can have similar success.

You can find them from the jetties up to Georgetown. Sometimes the bite is even better here upstream than out around the inlet. So whether you’re a seasoned fisherman or just getting started, take advantage of this prime opportunity to snag a big one.

Georgetown Inshore Fishing

Georgetown’s location at the confluence of four rivers makes it a perfect spot for saltwater fishing. The combination of oxygen and salinity in the estuaries of Winyah Bay creates a healthy ecosystem home to a variety of wildlife, including alligators, bald eagles, bottlenose dolphins, ospreys, and brown pelicans. Saltwater fishing opportunities include red drum, speckled trout, sheepshead, flounder, and many other species.

a picture of October Redfish Update with Carolina Guide Service

As the cool air sets in, one species of fish can be found in the shallower waters of Georgetown during this Autumn season: redfish. They will often school up in shallow bays and creeks during late fall. This makes them a popular target for fishermen in Georgetown, as they can be easily seen in water less than a foot deep. While they can be caught year-round, redfish are primarily active during fall, making them a prized catch for any fisherman here.

Fish With Us and Snag a Big One

Here at Carolina Guide Service, we know there is no better way to enjoy the pristine saltwater estuaries of South Carolina than with an inshore fishing trip. These fishing charters occur in the calmer waters of shallow bays, creeks, and inlets. We typically target Redfish, Sea Trout, Black Drum, Sheepshead, and Flounder using light spinning tackle with live or artificial baits.

Redfish are in season right now and are the perfect target species for the Fall season. So check out Carolina Guide Service and book your trip with us today!